Scouting Names

A SE Scout is given a Scouting name in recognition of his commitment, exemplary conduct and valuable contributions to the SEScouts, an area within Singapore or the Singapore Scout Organisation (SSA). The ceremony is usually carried out at a campfire, although recent namings have deviated from this practice.

Scouting Names

In Soaring Eagles, the Scouting name is made up of two parts: the first being an adjective and the second being a totem spiritual animal. When combined, the name describes the scout’s characteristics honoured by the leaders, although it may at times describe a characteristic that the leaders hope the scout would journey towards in the coming months. Scouts honoured with a name are expected to be proud of and live up to the honour.

The scouting name dies when the scout resigns or is disqualified from Scouting and will cease to be associated with the former Scout. A Scout retains his scouting name only if he matures in the Scouting journey beyond the years as a youth member.

Recent Names Awarded

3 youth members of SE were recently honoured with their scouting name. We congratulate Rovers Dylan Lim (Assertive Antelope), Dhiren Sajjan (Conscientious Gibbon) and Venture Gabriel Kang (Resolute Wombat).