Rosewood 米6体育官方网站首页 Homes take a unique approach to the development of a custom designed home. We’ve seen first hand the frustrations associated with the design process where the client, architect or designer, and builder are not working collaboratively through the custom design process. Where a client manages the evolution of their custom designed home with an architect or designer directly,without the involvement of a builder,the chances of a successful outcome to the process is significantly reduced as the risk of evolving a new home design that cannot be afforded by the client’s budget,often sees the process end in disappointment. This is something the Rosewood 米6体育官方网站首页 Homes’Custom Design Process seeks to avoid to the client’s benefit.

Human nature shows we often want more than we can afford, and the potential disparity between wants and affordability on a custom designed home can have a significant impact on the success or failure of the process. With a lack of understanding on the cost implications of different aspects of a new home,a client runs the risk of inadequately assessing their project budget and determining what their budget can afford. With the client’s design brief not necessarily corresponding with the limitations of their finances,the architect / designer may subsequently be working towards failure before they even commence their design. With the client’s feature packed new home wish list dominating the evolution of their new home’s design, and with the architect / designer following their client’s directions, by the time the design is finalized and then quoted by a builder,the new dream home may indeed be no more than that,an unaffordable dream.

Rosewood 米6体育官方网站首页’s approach to the custom design process sees us manage the evolution of the custom designed home. We take a collaborative approach with the client and our designers to achieve a home our clients will love to live in while working within the limitations of budget. As the builder,we possess expertise and experience in costing, practical construction methods, and design which enable valuable inputs through the custom design process to see the evolved design satisfy the balancing act between client desires, site limitations and budget. Satisfaction of these factors will see the new home design progress to construction rather than languish through a redesign or requirement for increased finances.

Architects and designers are paid their fee and make their profit on the design works they perform whether the job progresses to construction or not. Without a financial interest in ensuring the financial viability of the design they have provided,they take minimal consideration of budget limitations that would inevitably determine the custom design process’success or failure in progressing to construction of the design. Rosewood 米6体育官方网站首页’s approach sees us with a vested interest in evolving a custom design that meets client requirements and progresses to a construction contract. The vested interest comes from the fact that Rosewood 米6体育官方网站首页 Homes does not profit financially through the custom design process (custom design fees cover drafting and tender costs only) andcan only profit financially where the custom design progresses to a building contract with Rosewood 米6体育官方网站首页 Homes. We are financially motivated to ensure the custom designed home is one you will not only love to live in,butone you can also afford and see built.

The Rosewood 米6体育官方网站首页 Homes custom design process may be somewhat unconventional compared to the usual process taken by a homeowner, but the added value Rosewood 米6体育官方网站首页 Homes bring to this process should certainly entice potential clients to contact us for more detail on how we can design and build your dream home

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